Pasture Raised Chickens


Chickens1Flavorful Made In Ghent chickens are now ready in the store. Each one comes with Animal Welfare assurance awarded for excellence in animal husbandry. The chicks arrived at Little Ghent Farm fourteen weeks ago when only days old. Since then they have been fed certified organic feed from New York state and foraged in the fields. The black feathered Freedom Ranger chickens are well suited to life in the pastures. They grow slower than conventional supermarket chickens giving them more flavor due to their ability to range freely.

Our chickens are processed within a mile of the farm. Great pride is taken in providing a delicious, carefully handled and packaged product. Immediately after processing the chickens are air chilled  then heat-shrink wrapped to maintain excellent quality even when frozen. As well as whole birds we sell chicken livers, hearts, necks and feet which all make for tasty soups and stocks. If you’re looking for inspiration ask us for recipe and cooking ideas.


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