Donny and Travis


It’s -9f (-22c) where we’re standing. Daylight has only just surfaced. Bumble hasn’t even had her breakfast yet. Donny (L) and Travis are already hard at work.

When the cold weather hit us the outside of the farmhouse was in the final stages of construction. There was siding and a sheet of steel (the backdrop to a fireplace) to install and these guys weren’t going to let the weather stop them. It’s hard to bang in a nail with gloves on so quite often we would find them working bare handed to get the job done. “I like to be outside on these jobs. It can get a little crazy inside” says Travis. “Working in the cold all day is a question of mind over matter. We just keep moving and busy and it doesn’t bother us ”. The two of them had just returned from a weekend ice fishing trip. They thrive in the winter outdoors.

We saw every inch and every detail of each structure at Little Ghent Farm while it was being built. A critical part of any vision or idea is in the execution of course; not just how it is done but who does it and why. Caring about what they are creating has been the hallmark of our building partners to a man. Working with local craftsmen along the way, thinking through the challenges and finding new ways to do things has all been a part of the journey. The incredible skill and commitment that Donny and Travis contributed to the renovation of the farm has brought our plans to life in ways we could not have imagined on paper. “It’s been great to watch everything evolve in front of us including the pigs rolling into the pasture before we had the barn finished.” says Donny. “The buildings resemble each other but they all have their own identity”.

The word ‘appreciation’ doesn’t quite capture it as far as we are concerned. Perhaps instead it’s best just to say that there will always be a part of Donny and Travis at the farm, etched into the fine details and these memories of arctic mornings.


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