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Kyle popped into the farm store the other day to pick up a couple of sourdough loaves that had just come out of the oven. He arrived in his new straight axle Toyota SR5 which isn’t ‘new’ at all – it’s a 1984 model and better for it. Apparently, because of the axle, this is a well respected vehicle amongst four-wheeler, off roading enthusiasts. They haven’t made them like this since 1985.   ” I used to do a lot a muddin’ and rock crawlin’ ” Kyle told us. ” I broke a few things like fan belts, bumpers and windshields, so I don’t do it any more “. The SR5 is a handy second vehicle for Kyle whose co-pilot is Kodi, a playmate of Bumble’s. He’s a four year old English Chocolate Lab’ who tolerates rather than entertains Bumble’s two year old antics.

Over the past eighteen months Kyle has worked regularly at Little Ghent Farm primarily on the excavation and grading projects. He’s also been helping us start to manage the beautiful woods we have around the farm. There was a lot of fallen wood to clear along the fence lines which we’ve split and stored for firewood and a few other projects we’ll share here soon.

Kyle is super well qualified and skilled with a chainsaw of course as well as being a forestry expert. An Associates degree in Forest Technology was followed by a Bachelors Degree in Ecological Forest Management from Paul Smith’s College in The Adirondacks, upstate NY. His practical experience with silviculture, the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of forests, arms him to help us manage our woods at Little Ghent Farm on a sustainable basis.

Whenever Kyle’s here Kodi also likes a visit to the farm store to try out the latest dog treats or a run around the fields with Bumble.







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