Maxine Bédat: A Deep Sense of Purpose


In the first days of October, as part of our recent brand building workshop series, we welcomed Maxine Bédat to the farm. Maxine is co-founder of Zady, a lifestyle company driven by a thoughtful mission to re-envision the future of fashion. The workshop covered how to take ideas and build a company with values, transparency and sustainable practices. In her own words here are Maxine’s reflections on the experience. 

It is not often that one has the opportunity to spend the day in a stunning setting and reflect and plan with an exceptional, dynamic group of people, but in the very early Fall at Little Ghent Farm that is just what we did.

In an intimate setting we shared our stories, generated ideas for the community that we quickly formed, and got inspired by examples from the world at large. We left the space with new ideas, a deep sense of purpose and the drive to get it all done.

The journey that we had during our day together was possible only because of our hosts Richard and Mimi Beaven. Their farm house with its expansive ceilings and views that say, “Let’s do this!” and the decadent farm-to-table treats that magically arrived throughout the day, was just the setting to open the mind and build the infrastructure for our thoughtful businesses.

Running a company requires 100% attention seemingly everyday, but it’s only through these moments, away from the day-to-day and in the company of like-minded people, that we are able to breakthrough to new ways of thinking and the next phase for our organizations.


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