Veggies, Herbs and Seeds Soon at Little Ghent Farm

Jesse Tolz

Back at the beginning of our adventure one of the first plans we made for the farm was to find a young farmer who needs land resources to build his or her business. We have been thinking about this as an ‘incubator’, where a farmer with a few years experience can run an operation as their own for three to five years before moving on, perhaps, to their own land…. an arrangement with a shared interest in natural farming approaches and mutual benefits.

Making it happen is an important step towards Little Ghent Farm becoming a productive farm again with diversified activities including our own pigs, meat chickens, hens and bees, all of which we have established now. Having delicious, fresh produce right here on the farm will, of course, be a great opportunity for the farm kitchen and for our customers who will be able to find everything in our farm store.

Recently we agreed a detailed plan and a lease for a few acres with Jesse Tolz and we’re really looking forward to seeing his operation, VIDA Farm, grow from strength to strength over the coming years. Starting this spring he will be focused on growing vegetables and herbs and producing seeds in partnership with some local seed libraries, an important investment in preserving quality seed stock for the future. Jesse will be supplying his customers with produce directly which will include some local restaurants and groceries. As a pilot scheme for Year One, this summer Jesse will be regularly providing vegetable box selections to a small number of early supporters. Let us know if you have interest in becoming one of these and we’ll put you in touch. We’ve discussed a number of other exciting collaborative ideas that we’ll be working on together this spring and summer.

Jesse has built up great experience over the past few years having worked at The Pfeiffer Center, The Turtle Tree Seed Initiative and recently as an apprentice at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. We’re lucky to have him setting up here at Little Ghent Farm.

Regular updates via our newsletter and social media will follow. Jesse will also be creating his own presence details of which we will share when available.


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