Just in time for the season DO Preserve is here in print with eighty recipes organized in chapters covering the use of sugar, vinegar, alcohol, oil, salt and drying to capture the intense flavor of freshly picked seasonal produce. This book is a collaborative effort between three friends (Anja, Jen and Mimi) who have each cooked for the DO Lectures - an annual gathering in Wales, Australia, Cos[...]
Some places remain for our workshop and farm dinner with Michael Piazza on June 27th & 28th here at the farm. Michael, who is one of Boston’s finest professional food photographers and also Creative Director of Edible Boston magazine, will be here with a hands-on workshop sharing how to create magazine-quality food photographs (link). These days one of the key challenges for photographers is [...]
Ever just want to pick up dinner and simply reheat it?..call Mimi. Want to catch up and relax with friends but don't want to spend all day cooking?...call Mimi. Check out our new dinner to go ideas here and talk to Mimi about choices you might like. Order by Tuesday for Friday or weekend pick-up. Cakes and desserts?...we can help with that too...check out some tempting ideas here. Please contact M[...]
(photos: Karen Yau Østensjø) Our autumn ones sold out so we're delighted to have Maxine Bédat and David Hieatt back at the farm again in July for their inspiring and practical workshops: 'Finding your 'why', creating a successful company with a mission' and 'How to build a great brand with very little money'. These workshops are perfect for anyone thinking of starting (or who has recently start[...]
Reservations are full the dinner. Please see here for other Hudson Valley venues where Hank's beans feature during January. The Hank's X-tra Special baking bean was rediscovered by one of the founding supporters of the Hudson Valley Seed Library whose father, Hank, grew them every year and passed harvested beans to his neighbor Flossy. Back in the day Flossy reputedly made the best baked beans in[...]
... and that's one of our pigs on the front cover. "Evolve Or Die" Written by Abby Luby, Photographs by Meredith Heuer "The brown paper packaging stamped in stippled black ink says “Bread & EGGS.” Beneath that are the words “Laid in Ghent, NY.” The simple, homespun parcel is emblematic of what Little Ghent Farm owners Richard and Mimi Beaven are all about: forward-thinking 21st-centur[...]
This year has passed so quickly and we are already planning for the next one which we know will be busy and exciting. First, though, we will celebrate the holidays and spend time with family and friends. As ever, thank you for your interest, support and encouragement. We would like to try to make your lives easier at this busy time of year and have come up with some delicious items to serve to yo[...]
In the first days of October, as part of our recent brand building workshop series, we welcomed Maxine Bédat to the farm. Maxine is co-founder of Zady, a lifestyle company driven by a thoughtful mission to re-envision the future of fashion. The workshop covered how to take ideas and build a company with values, transparency and sustainable practices. In her own words here are Maxine's reflections [...]
Co-written by Mimi and our friends Anja & Jen, DO Preserve will be a simple and easy guide to preserving fresh produce. The book will be published by the DO Book Company and feature this great cover by James Victore. We will have the book for sale in our farm store, hopefully in May 2016. More news will feature here as it happens.
It's been a busy Autumn season already. The farm kitchen and bread baking have been in full production, the store is fully stocked with home made preserves, ice cream and Made In Ghent pasture-raised chickens and eggs.In time for the Columbus Day Holiday weekend we have new stocks of sausages (sweet & breakfast), three types of bacon and various delicious cuts of pork including ribs, roasts, c[...]