We've been thinking for a while that the farm would be an inspiring setting for workshops. We want to explore themes that have a connection with our own experiences, including food and business building, and invite some well-qualified friends from all over the world to join us to lead the workshops. So we're very excited to be hosting a mini-series of workshops in the fall focused on starting up b[...]
Jesse Tolz
Back at the beginning of our adventure one of the first plans we made for the farm was to find a young farmer who needs land resources to build his or her business. We have been thinking about this as an ‘incubator’, where a farmer with a few years experience can run an operation as their own for three to five years before moving on, perhaps, to their own land.... an arrangement with a shared inte[...]
Over a single weekend at the end of November thousands of people visited the beautiful Basilica in Hudson for the Farm & Flea event, an annual market bringing a collection of quality products presented by a diverse group of regional makers, farmers, and vintage collectors. It was great to be there, not as spectators, as participants. It was our first time we had taken Made In Ghent on the road[...]
The pork is here! Our wonderful Tamworth pigs are finally back at Little Ghent Farm as delicious pork products of all descriptions. We have roasts, hams, ham steaks, three kinds of sausages, chops, ribs, bacon and many other kinds of pork we think you'll love to try. The pigs spent their lives in the woods beside our hens, ate organic feed supplemented by lots of treats and, of course, all the goo[...]
  Our friends at Zady.com published an essay written by Richard last week. Zady, a lifestyle shopping site, was founded to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform for only those companies that care about timeless style and solid construction. In their words: "Richard writes about life after advertising. From global executive to farmer and photographer, Richard shares what [...]
This has been two and a half years in the making. Or perhaps twenty. Little Ghent Farm is emerging fast now from what seems to have been a long process of searching, planning and building. While there are some great new ventures in this part of the world, in general there are not too many small, new farms starting in this country. In fact quite the opposite. There is a seemingly terminal declin[...]
The Kitchen and Farm Store at Little Ghent Farm are ready for business. Like the other buildings at the farm they were designed by Neil and Adam at Neil Pelone Architects with a good amount of input from us as to what we needed and what would work in the context of the farm overall. Construction is by Bill Stratton who joined us for the design stage which is not a typical approach but having his p[...]
Flavorful Made In Ghent chickens are now ready in the store. Each one comes with Animal Welfare assurance awarded for excellence in animal husbandry. The chicks arrived at Little Ghent Farm fourteen weeks ago when only days old. Since then they have been fed certified organic feed from New York state and foraged in the fields. The black feathered Freedom Ranger chickens are well suited to life in [...]
Smokey Bear, the American advertising icon created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires, turned 70 in August. Richard and our friend Ashley Gilbertson were commissioned by The Ad Council to make a series of photographs for their client US Forest Service as part of the birthday activities which appeared on millions of Instagram screens. The objective was to show teenagers that th[...]