This year we are raising Black Freedom Ranger chickens. We have two groups the first of which will be ready in August and  the second in September.

A good roast chicken is one of our favorite family meals. We’ve been working hard to find the best tasting chickens. It’s partly the breed and a lot to do with how they are raised. We have been awarded Animal Welfare Approved certification for our meat chickens which confirms our practices meet the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.

They arrive as day old chicks and are raised in the winter coop for the first four weeks. Once they are established, with real feathers emerging, the chicks get the chance to go in and out of the coop and to explore the great outdoors.

Soon after we move them to the fields where they roam and forage in the grass. At night they are sheltered in purpose-built ‘casitas’ with plenty of water and organic grain. Even chickens need a good place to stay at night.

Around the age of twelve weeks the chickens are ready to harvest. This is about double the time a typical supermarket chicken would be raised. The longer growing period for these birds creates more flavor with a slightly higher ratio of dark meat to white meat.

Our chickens come in the three to five pound range. If you visit just after processing day you can pick up a fresh one for the weekend. We also keep a stock of frozen ones available until they run out.

Then we wait for the next season.


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