How A Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business


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How A Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business   Friday May 19th, 2017  (One day workshop)

Key areas: Start-ups & business growth, ideas, marketing


“For me, the newsletter is one of the most important tools that I have in building a global denim brand. Second only to the sewing machine. Yes, you have to invest time, you have to put the effort in, but more than anything you have to understand the methodology of what you are doing. When you do that, you will begin to see the results you set out to achieve.” 

David Hieatt, Hiut Denim & The DO Lectures

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple newsletter. It can seriously grow your business.

In terms of using social media to grow your business, we are all looking for the next new platform or app. We want to find that magic ‘Multiplier’ that gets our story out to the world. But there is a danger that by doing just that, we are ignoring the tried and trusted tools right under our noses that, well, just work.

Take the simple newsletter. It is one of the best ways to grow a business, build the community and culture of your brand. Like a tree needs roots, a brand needs to build its roots too. A great newsletter can do that. And yet most people ignore it, dismiss it, or if they use it, use it poorly. Yet, this tool, in the right hands, is as powerful as they come.

David Hieatt is fascinated by the power of a simple newsletter to grow a business. He is also also fascinated that most businesses don’t pay much attention to theirs. It’s an afterthought. A poor cousin. But when done right, they become something else.  With a strategy, with a simple methodology, they become one of the most effective tools in your digital toolbox. They build community. They build your brand. And they relentlessly build long-term growth. They are pure and utter gold.

Newsletters have become so essential to David and his wife, Clare’s, Hiut Denim and DO Lectures businesses, they made a decision to become good at them. There were no great books out there to read up on. So everything was learnt from doing. They asked questions: “Why did that work?”  “Why did that fail?” “What happens when we do this?” The more they tested, the more they learnt. And they wrote it all down. A simple methodology that works.

They adopted all the learning, put it into their own newsletter and saw their business grow hugely as a result. David and Clare didn’t send newsletters out more often in fact they reduced how many newsletters they would send out and used their insights to get better at it – not more frequent at it.

And then, for their own use, they began to articulate the learning and used this to teach the growing Hiut Denim team, so everyone would understand why newsletters are built in that way. A way that gives results, connects a community and builds a brand. And the team follow the methodology daily, and quite simply, it works.

David has now turned that methodology into a one-day Do Workshop which will give you the essential key elements of making a newsletter that will grow your business.

We think this one-day workshop is unique and will be super useful. It will take place around the Little Ghent farmhouse table on May 19th.

Why should you attend?

Nearly all the tools we share are free, and the beauty of a newsletter is how cost effective it is to build a great business on the back of a great newsletter.

If you are a startup, build a list before you even build the product. The reason a lot of startups fail is that they launch to no one.

If you are running a business that has been going for a while, the workshop will show you how to re-engage your audience. David will share great examples from around the world that inspire their customers.

What Will You Learn

  • How to grow your community
  • How to find your community
  • Why you can’t just talk about you
  • Why the role of curator is changing
  • How to build a content team
  • How to train your content team to find gold
  • What you can outsource
  • And what you can’t
  • How important is timing?
  • Why you have to play the long game
  • How to give it your voice
  • How competitions can help find your people
  • Why testing subject lines is so important
  • How simple design helps your open rate
  • How to stay interesting
  • How to keep pushing forward
  • How selling from a newsletter is changing


Workshop with David Hieatt

Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co.

Co-founder of The Do Lectures.


Location:   Little Ghent Farm, 282 Snyder Road, Ghent, NY, 12075.

The farm is home to Made In Ghent, a family business focused on simple, delicious food. It is in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley two and a half hours by car or train from New York City and three hours drive from Boston. Richard and Mimi at Made In Ghent can help with any directions, travel plans and local accommodation if needed.


Tickets cost $350 plus booking fee (via Eventbrite link here). This includes the full day workshop, a farm lunch plus refreshments and snacks throughout the day.  These workshops are held in relatively small groups.

Contact Richard at Made In Ghent for more details: 518 392 0804 or  richard @

Cancellation Policy: We know sometimes unforeseen events crop up which will mean you can’t attend so if you have to cancel before 5th May 2017 we will refund 80% of the workshop price. After 4th May we are not able to offer refunds but you may transfer your place.