A Second Workshop Added: Using Authenticity as Your Business Advantage (Oct 2nd)

    Authenticity has become a central theme for many businesses and brands. So how do you stand out from the crowd when everyone is talking about the same things? The answer lies in planning and executing a brand plan that is so consistent, innovative and true that it becomes the new standard [...]

    Brand Building Workshop Comes To Little Ghent Farm (Two dates: September 23rd & 24th)

    We've been thinking for a while that the farm would be an inspiring setting for workshops. We want to explore themes that have a connection with our own experiences, including food and business building, and invite some well-qualified friends from all over the world to join us to lead the workshops.[...]

    Veggies, Herbs and Seeds Soon at Little Ghent Farm

    Back at the beginning of our adventure one of the first plans we made for the farm was to find a young farmer who needs land resources to build his or her business. We have been thinking about this as an ‘incubator’, where a farmer with a few years experience can run an operation as their own for th[...]



    Life after Life For Fallen Farm Trees

    Stuart Farmery, a friend and local sculptor, works mainly with wood. Big pieces of wood to be specific. As we have a selection of old trees available and on the ground at the farm we offered some to Stuart to continue his development of large-scale studies. He showed up one morning in November with [...]

    Kyle & Kodi

    Kyle popped into the farm store the other day to pick up a couple of sourdough loaves that had just come out of the oven. He arrived in his new straight axle Toyota SR5 which isn't 'new' at all - it's a 1984 model and better for it. Apparently, because of the axle, this is a well respected vehicle a[...]

    A Dream Worth Waiting For

    David Hieatt is an old friend and a serial ideas man. With his wife, Clare, he founded hiut Denim and the DO Lectures which takes place every year in UK, USA and Australia. David and Clare have been described as some of the UK's most interesting creative entrepreneurs. They live on the "far edge of [...]