We’re featured in Edible Hudson Valley magazine

September 24, 2022 0 Comments

We’re thrilled to announce that our local business has been featured in Edible Hudson Valley magazine! It’s an honor to be acknowledged by a leading publication in the food and agricultural industry that defines and highlights what makes the Hudson Valley area so special.

With an emphasis on seasonality and sustainability, Edible Hudson Valley helps promote the use of locally sourced products—which is an ideal fit for our business. Our team puts a priority on creating thoughtful and delicious dishes that celebrate all that our region offers. We love to incorporate fresh ingredients from the many farms around us into our palate of restaurant menus, catering options, and beyond.

For this feature, we showcased some of our favorite dishes. We cooked up seasonal dishes with the freshest ingredients we could find. From wild caught striped bass to roasted butternut squash, this article features some classic favorites as well as new and inventive recipes. We also gave a glimpse into the atmosphere of our eatery, which is a modern take on comfort fare inspired with flavors both age-old and new.

From our perspective as locals, it’s wonderful to see Edible Hudson Valley give a nod to businesses like ours who are committed to supporting the area’s culinary scene. We strive to create an atmosphere where people can come to enjoy a great meal while discovering the deliciousness of local flavor. We hope through our feature in Edible Hudson Valley magazine, others can enjoy the same experience and discover what makes the Hudson Valley so unique.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been featured in Edible Hudson Valley magazine! This publication, recognized as one of the most influential food and beverage magazines in the region, has helped us to share our story and mission.

At our company, our goal is simple: To create unique and enjoyable food experiences for everyone. We use only local, seasonal ingredients and carefully prepare them as to bring out their flavors and enhance customer experience. Our recipes combine both traditional and contemporary cooking techniques and a passion that goes into each dish.

In the article, Edible Hudson Valley praised the care that we put into every meal we serve and how our quality of service reaches beyond just food. They spoke highly of how we strive to foster relationships with local producers, farmers, butchers, chefs and distributors to help ensure our produce is fresh, seasonal and desirable.

Our spot in Edible Hudson Valley was further evidence of all the hard work and dedication that has gone into our business over the years.

The unexpected honor of being featured in such a highly-respected publication has taken us beyond expectations. Through its words and photos, Edible Hudson Valley showcased what makes us special—our commitment to flavor, atmosphere and hospitality.

Today marks a major accomplishment for our business – we’re excited to announce that we’ve been featured in Edible Hudson Valley Magazine!

It’s been months of hard work and dedication to reach this point, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Since first opening our doors in 2016, we have been passionate about providing the freshest, most delicious products. We source locally from businesses in the Hudson Valley because we strongly believe in supporting our community and its local economy.

The Edible Hudson Valley Magazine article provides a great overview of our business and what makes us stand out from other vendors. It delves into our story of how we got started, highlights some of our popular products, and even features interviews with customers who rave about their experience at our store. We love that the magazine was able to identify the same values that have made our business so successful: quality ingredients and products, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to making an impact on the local economy.

It’s no exaggeration when we say this is an incredible milestone for us; thanks to this feature, more people are now aware of our mission and that feels truly wonderful. We hope to continue raising awareness about what we do, supporting the Hudson Valley community, and providing fresh and delicious products for years to come.

Thank you to Edible Hudson Valley Magazine for including us in your publication – this is one moment we will never forget!