Bread and pastries back next week. The Easter menu is here

September 24, 2022 0 Comments

Good news everyone – bread and pastries are returning to the shelves next week! If you’ve been missing your favorite morning croissant or Easter-time focaccia roll, get ready as they’re back in town with a special holiday menu too!

The Easter menu features all of your favorite treats with a unique twist. For all of you traditionalists out there, you’ll find classic hot cross buns and cinnamon buns on the menu, but you may also discover something special like the rosemary-ricotta panettone loaf or the almond-beetroot ruggel.

We even have free samples available so come down and try before you buy. But hurry – these treats are only around for a limited time so you won’t want to miss out!

If that’s not enough, we’ll be featuring special deals throughout the store for Easter and all our breads and pastries will be 20% off on select days of the week. So don’t forget to stop by and check out what we have in store.

It’s finally time to welcome back bread and pastries! With the arrival of Easter, bakers everywhere are celebrating by bringing back the classic recipes we’ve all missed. From warm, delicious morning muffins to soft, artisan-style loaves and irresistible sweet treats, the Easter menu is now here.

Whether you’re looking for a simple baguette to enjoy with a savory meal or an indulgent dessert to share with friends and family, your neighborhood baker can be trusted to provide reliable quality. With long-lost recipes thawed out of the ovens just in time for the holiday season, this will undoubtedly be a tasty Easter.

Treat yourself with seasonal specialties like your grandmother used to make, including cruffins, cream puffs, brioche buns, or even traditional hot cross buns. And don’t forget the savory favorites like ciabattas, challahs and bagels either! Every kind of bread has something special to offer—whether it’s for lunch or just for snacking.

To make sure that you have an abundance of options for festive treats this Easter season, be sure to check out your local bakery for its selection of breads and pastries that’ll have you planning your next cozy night in!

It’s exciting news for foodies everywhere: bread and pastries are back next week, and the Easter menu is here!

The faithful among us will be delighted to know that traditional Easter treats like hot cross buns, honey-glazed spirals, and classic fruited loaves will all be back on shelves. You can expect to find gorgeous, fresh-baked favorites like rye pulls and rustic rolls, as well as Danish pastries, luxury mince pies, and even indulgent Easter cakes.

From delectable lemon curd tartlets to indulgent chocolate terrines, the Easter menu is nothing if not delightful. It’s perfect for a celebratory weekend breakfast – or comes in handy when you need to prepare a classy afternoon tea or picnic. Whichever way you choose to enjoy it – it’s sure to make Easter special this year.

Even better, some shops have already started stocking up ahead of time so customers can get early access to their favorite treats. So don’t wait until the last minute: grab your baskets now and start indulging!