Newsletter Update: Made In Ghent Pork Is Now In The Store


The pork is here! Our wonderful Tamworth pigs are finally back at Little Ghent Farm as delicious pork products of all descriptions. We have roasts, hams, ham steaks, three kinds of sausages, chops, ribs, bacon and many other kinds of pork we think you’ll love to try. The pigs spent their lives in the woods beside our hens, ate organic feed supplemented by lots of treats and, of course, all the goodies they found in amongst the trees.

Mimi recently spent some time at The Meat Market in Great Barrington working with our butcher friend and chef Jeremy Stanton on some different kinds of sausages and charcuterie that hopefully we will be able to make in our own kitchen in the future.

The store is now fully stocked with pork, chicken and eggs. We will also soon have bread, baked goods and some foods to go once we emerge from the kitchen certification process which hopefully we are in the final stretch of.

We hope you have had a chance to check out our new website which will let you know what we have been up to, what is available in the farm store and, in the future, upcoming events. Richard wrote a piece recently for our friends at Zady about transition and reinvention which you may like to read here.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what we are doing and what you might be interested in seeing us do in the future. Come and see us this Saturday or Sunday morning and if you are interested in a tour please contact us via any of the usual channels. See you soon!

Richard           914 260 5775
Mimi                914 260 5272
mimi @


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