The Turnquists’ Field Trip


It’s easy to forget. Sometimes the pace of things and the rush of technology around us silence the magic. We loved having the Turnquist family visit Little Ghent Farm recently from nearby Hudson. It was a great reminder of the simple magic all around us and the privilege of country life. For brothers; Peyton and Finlay, it was a field trip, a part of their school program. It was a chilly day but they braved the elements and here, through their own eyes and in their own words, is what they found. 

“Today I collected eggs from chickens. I got at least two dozen including one bronze egg. It was very shiny! It was the coolest egg I’ve ever seen! I also got a tour of the property. I bounced a lot to make me warmer! I also had to blow on my hands to warm them up. I went into the forest and found an iced-up puddle. I stepped on it and my feet got so frozen and numb! Then I found a cool spear stick in the big field! We also found a mouse or mole tunnel. When I saw it I jumped and thought it was a snake! But I was wrong, it was still cool. Also, there is a field with a chicken coop for the summer (did you know that there poop helps the grass grow?). It was a fun but cold field trip. The best part is the bread and hot apple cider! It was SOOOOO good!!! It was a fun field trip!”     Peyton (above left)

“First, we took a thirty minute walk on the paths throughout the farm to see the land. They explained what they do to keep the grass healthy (one thing they do is let the animals loose on the land to do their business), and what they were going to do later on with the land (buildings, etc.). I loved the bread that they made for us, and the fresh scrambled eggs. I got to collect eggs from the chickens there too! It was fun to get a taste of what it’s like on a farm.”     Finlay



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