This year Easter is mid April which hopefully will feel a little more spring-like than last year's end of March timing. We will certainly be ready for some spring time vibes even though the winter, yet again, hasn't really been so bad apart from Stella the blizzard and the fact it seems to be dragging on forever now. Chicks, ducklings and a gosling arrive in a few weeks for a full cuteness over[...]
How can we make your Thanksgiving a little easier? We are thinking you might like to choose a few items from our menu (below) to help spread the workload and let you spend more time with your family and friends. Orders need to be in by 7pm Tuesday 17th please Bread, of course choose between a sourdough boule, a loaf tin or sourdough rolls, caramelised onion focaccia or herbed focaccia any of w[...]