Workshop: Using Authenticity as Your Business Advantage (Oct 2nd)


Authenticity, transparency and sustainability have become central themes for many businesses and brands. So how do you stand out from the crowd when everyone is talking about the same things? The answer lies in planning and executing a brand plan that is so consistent, innovative and true that it becomes the new standard in it’s category regardless of size. This workshop will provide valuable insights into creating, nurturing and evolving business ideas into authentic brands.

Maxine Bédat has successfully built a number of start-up ventures and brings with her deep experience and a relentless spirit of innovation. She is co-creator of Zady , an online store aimed at conscious consumers which, according to Fast Company magazine, is one of  “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail”. She is also founder of the nonprofit social enterprise The Bootstrap Project and is frequently asked to take part in government and commercial think-tanks on the subject of the future of manufacturing in America. Maxine and her business partner, Soraya, have been inspirations for us as we have evolved plans for the farm.

Her workshop: “How To Use Authenticity as Your Business Advantage” will be held at Little Ghent Farm on October 2nd for a small group and will include a delicious farm lunch prepared by Mimi. The workshop is perfect for anyone thinking of starting (or who have recently started) a business, as well as more experienced entrepreneurs looking for new ideas and perspectives.

What You Will learn

Where the spark might come from for your business idea

Will people care about what you do

Understanding your target customer

How to rise to a new standard of expectation from your customers

Attracting investment from sources that support your purpose

How to set an audacious mission and craft a powerful manifesto

Creating short and long term plans for your business

How to work with producers in a meaningful way

The value of transparency

Harnessing social platforms to spread the word

The role of content in creating dialogue

Testing, failing, learning, succeeding. Repeat

Scaling your business without diminishing your brand

Effective ways of working with business partners


October 2nd Workshop with Maxine Bédat
Co-creator of Zady and Founder of The Bootstrap Project


At Little Ghent Farm, 282 Snyder Road, Ghent, NY, 12075 ( map )

The farm is home to Made In Ghent, a family business focused on simple, delicious food. It is in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley two and a half hours by car or train from New York City and three hours drive from Boston. Richard and Mimi at Made In Ghent can help with any directions, travel plans and local accommodation if needed.

Tickets cost $350 including the full day workshop (9.30am to 5.45pm) , a farm lunch plus refreshments and snacks throughout the day. These workshops are held in relatively small groups.

Use the email form here to  contact Richard at Made In Ghent or call him on 914 260 5775 to reserve a workshop place.



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