Bees_MadeInGhentSam Comfort of Anarchy Apiaries brought us our first hive complete with a queen and twelve thousand bees, give or take a few. It’s a ‘top bar’ hive made by Sam that sits in one of our fields surround by trees, wildflowers and natural, flowing water sources. In 2015 we added three more hives.

Bees can travel in a three mile radius to collect pollen. Happily our hives have a host of great bee plants right on the doorstep including henbit, thistle, milkweed, goldenrod, buttercup, mustard, borage, buckwheat, honeysuckle and endless supplies of white Dutch clover – perfect for honey production. In the spring the bees start on pollen from hawthorn, linden, locust and maple trees.

Roaming bears and weather conditions permitting, we hope to have jars of honey Made In Ghent available at the store soon.


(top photo by J Austerlitz)



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