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It’s true, isn’t it, that everyone seems to want to hang out in the kitchen at the best parties. It’s also true that every kitchen needs a good table. Amazing things happen around the kitchen table; families and friends gather, ideas are born, plans are hatched, businesses are built, stories are told and, yes, food is shared. The table in the farm kitchen is the table we have spent many hours around as a family and with friends for the past ten years. That’s how important it is to us.

So, the thing about our farm kitchen is more about what ends up happening around the table than the nuts, bolts and technical specifications of the equipment (although if you’re into that I will happily geek out with you about it!) Our passion is all about delicious food; producing it (especially on our farm), preparing it and sharing it. The process and moments of creating it are precious to us, successes and failures alike. Regardless of our backgrounds food deeply connects us all just like music, photographs and sport can.

I grew up in restaurants and loved watching the cooks in the kitchen at my Papy’s restaurant (in Lyon, France). They prepped and cooked throughout the day – like a ballet. Simple, fresh ingredients were transformed into delicious unfussy, dishes. I loved going to the wholesale market early in the morning with Papy while he picked produce for the day. Without trying he was a great teacher. His inspiration, in some way, has been carried into my kitchen and cooking. I love that too.

My passion for food and the rituals that go with it started long time ago not only in restaurants but as a sheep farmer, a dairy farmer, a wife, mother and now at Little Ghent Farm. Living in the Hudson Valley has been something of a ‘reawakening’ spurred on specifically by our relationship with Lee and Georgia at Kinderhook Farm to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.  Lee and Georgia are always welcome at our table.

The kitchen at Little Ghent Farm is an important stage on the journey from farm to table. It’s an opportunity for us to share, to learn with others about all things food and cooking related. It’s a lab for new ideas and experimentation (ours and yours) and, we hope, a buzzing hive of delicious activity. We designed it to be a place to hang out, to be involved in cooking or just to relax around the table, eat and tell stories. What’s not to love about that?






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