For the latest little feature on people at or connected with our farm we sat down with Andrew ('Chip') Chiappinelli  who is chef-owner at Grazin' Diner in Hudson, NY. Most weeks of the year we supply Animal Welfare Approved eggs produced by our organically-fed hens here at Little Ghent Farm. There's a strong chance, if you have dined at Grazin' recently, that you've enjoyed some of our eggs.   Gra[...]
Photo: Alissa Hessler A while back husband and wife team Alissa and Jacob Hessler came to visit Little Ghent farm from their home base in Maine. Over the past few years, Alissa has been working on finding, connecting with and photographing a network of creative people who decided to leave their urban existences behind and move to the country just as they had done (from Seattle to Coastal Maine)[...]
"Who was your architect?", "who was your builder?" Aside from "is there any bread today?" these are two of the most frequently asked questions here at Little Ghent Farm.  Some visitors have barely left their cars and these words, or a variation of them, are spilling out. In this post we have asked Neil, Adam and Bill to share with us some of their thoughts.  By way of background, the farm has b[...]
Sue Decker is the farmer at Blue Star Farm in Stuyvesant and Kinderhook, NY. We started buying vegetables from Sue before we had our farm, while we were weekenders when we shopped at Hudson farmers' market. We now buy many of our vegetables from Sue throughout the year for the farm kitchen. The vegetables Sue and her team grow are really delicious and we're constantly amazed and grateful about how[...]
Ironwood Farm, just a few miles from us, is one of the two farms we buy most of our produce from for our farm kitchen here at Little Ghent Farm. We really appreciate that they are a new business like us and being able to support their efforts by buying their product is important to us. Mostly though we buy their product because it is wonderful and delicious. As a family we subscribe to Ironwood's [...]
... and that's one of our pigs on the front cover. "Evolve Or Die" Written by Abby Luby, Photographs by Meredith Heuer "The brown paper packaging stamped in stippled black ink says “Bread & EGGS.” Beneath that are the words “Laid in Ghent, NY.” The simple, homespun parcel is emblematic of what Little Ghent Farm owners Richard and Mimi Beaven are all about: forward-thinking 21st-centur[...]
Continuing with our series about the people who, through their involvement, are a part of the Little Ghent Farm Community. Earlier this year Jesse set up VIDA farm in one of our fields following apprenticeships at places like The Pfeiffer Center, Turtle Tree Seed Initiative, and Stone Barns Center. Over the next few years he aims to establish a business cultivating and selling vegetables, wildflow[...]
Earlier this summer Rural Intelligence, an online information source for The Hudson Valley set up by former editors and reporters at The New York Times and New York Magazine, visited the farm to see what we've been building. They posted a story and photographs  " Little Ghent Farm Bridges Farming, Food and Community. " featuring Mimi's cooking and bread, our forthcoming brand workshop series and w[...]
Continuing with our series about the people who, through their involvement, are a part of the Little Ghent Farm Community. How would you describe your art, how long you been doing this and how did you get started ?     Currently, using salvaged and reclaimed materials as my canvas, I create contemporary American folk-art portraiture. I work on old wood and old metal using stencils and aerosol p[...]
Stuart Farmery, a friend and local sculptor, works mainly with wood. Big pieces of wood to be specific. As we have a selection of old trees available and on the ground at the farm we offered some to Stuart to continue his development of large-scale studies. He showed up one morning in November with his chainsaw and set forth carving the twisting, squared lengths from the fallen Cherry trees. "It’s[...]