Dog Treats


Dog_treatsBumble our fox red labrador loves treats, she’s a Lab after all, she’s is motivated by food…that’s why she is the perfect addition to our family!

We are picky about what we eat for the most part, we are very picky about what we feed our farm animals so it makes sense that we would be the same with Bumble. So…we decided to make some home made dog treats, bone shaped dog treats that contain five ingredients one of which is water. There are no mystery additions, nothing you can’t pronounce. We use products from our own farm where possible. We have beta tested them on some doggy friends as well as Bumble who loves them. She thinks your dogs will too. Visit us and give them a try.

Full list of ingredients: Wholewheat flour, wheatgerm, animal fat (most often bacon but sometimes beef, pork or lamb, but never chicken), egg and water.


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