Little Ghent Farm


We are building our vision of a diversified local food operation on this small family farm that we are restoring in The Hudson Valley of New York, seven miles from Hudson. We live and work in a part of Columbia County with a long farming tradition which “because of the evolution of its working farms has kept its scruffy, genuinely rural charm” as the The New York Times once commented.

Made In Ghent, the name of our business, will also always be a voyage of discovery. Our adopted town is nearly two hundred years old and home to just over five thousand people and many weekenders from New York City. We called the farm ‘Little Ghent Farm’ because we want it anchored in our community and because we will always recognize that size is no guarantee of strength. We certainly do not aim to be the biggest of anything but we will work hard to build a reputation and we aspire to be one of the best. We know it will take time.

We’d like to be a part of reconnecting more people with the source of their food not just the lucky ones that spend time in places like this. Our aim is to bring together food production, sales and preparation. Along the way, as we learn and grow, we hope to promote positive discussion and education about delicious local food.


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