Much like everyone else, we've really been taking each week and month as it comes. We had planned to have a different year with scaled down farm store hours but not because of the circumstances that eventually transpired. We can't complain. We've been keeping busy around the farm (just the laying hens and ducks at the moment, meat chickens are coming soon) and with various other projects. Our [...]
Right now, we know, like us, many are looking for ways to make a meaningful difference in local communities on a more sustained basis. Over the past nine years we have been supporting Perfect Ten in Hudson, NY through mentoring, governance, fundraising, donating and more recently providing fresh eggs every week. Perfect Ten is an independent non-profit organisation providing after school and expe[...]
A slightly different year…. Eight years ago we found the farm. With more than a little help from our friends it took us two years to clear the overgrown fields, remove the decrepit buildings and create what is now our home and business at Little Ghent Farm. We’ve had chickens and pigs on the land for seven years. The farm store has been open for five years, the farm stay for three and this yea[...]
We are now closed for the winter season in terms of regular hours. However, WE DO PLAN TO BE OPEN FOR SOUP CLUB PICK-UPS and a few other special days. Soup club days are: January 18th, February 15th and March 7th. We will have bread on these days and a few other baked goods and treats plus, of course, our own pasture-raised chicken, pork and eggs.  We hope to see you if you can make it to the [...]
SATURDAY & SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 14th & 15th FRESH CHICKENS RAISED HERE ON PASTURE AND ORGANICALLY-FED A fresh chicken is one of our favourite things to cook. Roasted, grilled or braised, several meals are possible from each bird and then there’s broth to make for delicious soups. We’ve worked hard to find the best tasting chickens and raised these black freedom rangers over the past [...]
It's nearly time! We re-open the farm store on Saturday April 13th, 2019 at 9am. To start the season our hours will be Fridays 9am to 5pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm and Sundays 9am to 3.30pm. Look out for more news on bread orders, baked goods, special menu items and our new 2019 workshop programme. Come and pick up some goodies or just say hello. As ever we have our own pasture raised chickens, egg[...]
With professionals, food photographer Michael Piazza and stylist Suzanne Lenzer. Michael Piazza will lead a workshop blending the skills of food photography and styling. Learn how to tune your eye to light, shadows and composition. Think more creatively about prop selection and food styling. See first-hand the successful dynamic between the two disciplines. Michael will discuss and d[...]
David Hieatt returns to the farm for an entirely new workshop experience. Do Breakthrough will take place this June in the inspiring setting here at Little Ghent Farm. The two-day workshop will be led by David Hieatt, co-founder of the DO Lectures held each year in Wales, UK and jeans maker Hiut Denim. David and his wife Clare started the Do Lectures because they were curious to find o[...]
The farm store and kitchen is now closed for a break until April 2019. If you have specific needs for chicken, pork, eggs and preserves please email or call us at 518 392 0804. There will be one day per month (January-March) when the store will be open for our Soup Club collections. Dates TBC.  If you would like to stay up to date with when that will be please ensure you ar[...]