This year Easter is mid April which hopefully will feel a little more spring-like than last year's end of March timing. We will certainly be ready for some spring time vibes even though the winter, yet again, hasn't really been so bad apart from Stella the blizzard and the fact it seems to be dragging on forever now. Chicks, ducklings and a gosling arrive in a few weeks for a full cuteness over[...]
One-day workshop places now available for Thursday May 18th and Friday 19th. Our good friend and inspiration, David Hieatt, returns to the farm this Spring for two of his very popular workshops: How To Build  A Great Brand With Very Little Money and How A Simple Newsletter can Transform Your Business. These workshops consistently sell out in London and Wales and we’re very happy to welcome David [...]
**  SOLD OUT ** We are looking at the possibility of adding another supper date if possible. Stay tuned. Reserve your seats here We are having another small farm dinner at 6.30pm for 16 people up in the farmhouse on Thursday February 2nd and we'd love you to attend. Last year some might remember we did a cassoulet dinner to celebrate Hank's Extra Special Beans. This project was part of the[...]
The end of the year is fast approaching and, no matter what 2016 brought to you, we hope that the holiday season will be merry and bright and that you find time to relax and spend time with your loved ones. The holidays are when we love to hang out and enjoy lingering at the table with good food and good company followed by a little sofa snoozing. In order to help you get to that we have come u[...]
It is hard to believe but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This year again we are offering Thanksgiving items to help make the big day a little easier for you and your guests. You can order one dish or several to allow you to spend more time with your family and friends. Order here. To start - Sourdough, focaccia (above), harvest crackers, chicken liver pate, spiced nuts, chutneys[...]
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Mimi has been involved with Perfect Ten for a number of years and we are very happy to be hosting a fundraiser for them. The Hudson area has received a lot of press recently about being a wonderful place to visit or live which, of course, it is. We all know that, however, Hudson also has challenges. Some of Hudson’s youth are on the 'front line' facing headwinds at school, at home and in the comm[...]
Just in time for the season DO Preserve is here in print with eighty recipes organized in chapters covering the use of sugar, vinegar, alcohol, oil, salt and drying to capture the intense flavor of freshly picked seasonal produce. This book is a collaborative effort between three friends (Anja, Jen and Mimi) who have each cooked for the DO Lectures - an annual gathering in Wales, Australia, Cos[...]
Some places remain for our workshop and farm dinner with Michael Piazza on June 27th & 28th here at the farm. Michael, who is one of Boston’s finest professional food photographers and also Creative Director of Edible Boston magazine, will be here with a hands-on workshop sharing how to create magazine-quality food photographs (link). These days one of the key challenges for photographers is [...]
We are thankful to have been taking a little time to slow down a bit after a not-so-quiet winter that never really materialised. Time to recharge the batteries a little and to think ahead to the coming season. Piglets and chicks will be here towards the end of April and spring is springing although there is, of course, time for winter to reappear before we say our final goodbyes. Plans are being h[...]
Ever just want to pick up dinner and simply reheat it? Mimi. Want to catch up and relax with friends but don't want to spend all day cooking? Mimi. Check out our new dinner to go ideas here and talk to Mimi about choices you might like. Order by Tuesday for Friday or weekend pick-up. Cakes and desserts?...we can help with that too...check out some tempting ideas here. Please contact M[...]