Farm Lunch / Perfect Ten fundraiser October 23rd

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Mimi has been involved with Perfect Ten for a number of years and we are very happy to be hosting a fundraiser for them.

The Hudson area has received a lot of press recently about being a wonderful place to visit or live which, of course, it is. We all know that, however, Hudson also has challenges. Some of Hudson’s youth are on the ‘front line’ facing headwinds at school, at home and in the community, many of which would be hard to imagine as you stroll up and down Warren Street.

Perfect Ten is a 501c3 based in Hudson offering programs, all year round, teaching 8-18 year old girls to be independent, creative thinkers. Their curriculum is designed to build character, support academic performance and promote physical wellness. Perfect Ten believes ‘personal independence is built on self respect, the ability to create goals, and the “grit” required to achieve them’.

After school as the girls arrive at Perfect Ten, they are provided with a hot meal (for some the only one of the day), which helps them focus on homework and other projects. Perfect Ten funds this in conjunction with some donations, but on average this costs the organization $150/week. What began as a necessity to get the girls to focus on homework has become an essential part of the program, an invaluable way to talk about nutrition, community and developing social skills—but also an additional draw on resources.

With the growing number of girls attending, it amounts to a significant cost—$150/week is $650/month or almost $8K a year. Please join us in raising money for a cause that aligns with everything we hold dear here at Little Ghent Farm…food, community and friendship. We look forward to welcoming you on the 23rd.

On Sunday October 23rd from 12.00pm we will be having a casual outdoor lunch of our pork, local produce, beer, cider and baked treats from the farm kitchen whilst hearing a little about Perfect Ten and their mission.  

Come, spend time on the farm and help to raise funds for the great cause that is Perfect Ten. Please sign up using the link below. A limited number of tickets are available at $50 per person ($20 for children aged 10-14). We do hope you can join us. If you are unable to and would like to contribute please make a donation directly to Perfect Ten here. Thank you.



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