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We have around thirty five acres of fields at Little Ghent Farm.

Untouched for so long, over the past two years the five fields have emerged, each with it’s own personality. We chopped, ground and cut. Then chopped, ground and cut again. Smoke from the burn piles of thorny brush prevailed for a few days and soon cleared. Within a year of starting, without the use of a single chemical, we were able to gain control to the point of using our own tractor and brush hog. We plan to remove any invasive species of plant such as Phragmites, Multiflora Rose, Russian Olive and Honeysuckle.

Before we started we found local experts and conducted comprehensive land, ecological, wetland, fencing and soil surveys. Lanes, paths and ponds around the farm have been revealed. Every year we will restore a bit more. In the meantime we’ve raised laying hens and meat chickens on some of the fields and hosted our friend Saundra’s small herd of Jersey cows. We provide grass and forage and they return rich nutrients back to the ground. Just as it should be.

Our aim is to identify a partner to establish the vegetable growing operation. This will enable a diversified vegetable farm on roughly five acres and a farmer managed Community Supported Agriculture program. Most likely this will act an ‘incubator’ where a vegetable farmer with a few years experience under their belt can partner to run an operation like it was their own for three to five years before establishing themselves in their own right.Our motivation is equally balanced between creating a great vegetable operation and helping fellow farmers to realize their dream.

At the highest point in our fields, at around 500 feet, you can look West over the Hudson River and see the spiny Catskill Mountains splendid in almost any light and always different every time. Before we cleared the place of spindly saplings, sprawling brush and undergrowth we had no idea the view was there.

What a bonus.


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