2017 spring workshops: a day of inspiration, ideas and delicious food At The Farm


One-day workshop places now available for Thursday May 18th and Friday 19th.

Our good friend and inspiration, David Hieatt, returns to the farm this Spring for two of his very popular workshops: How To Build  A Great Brand With Very Little Money and How A Simple Newsletter can Transform Your Business. These workshops consistently sell out in London and Wales and we’re very happy to welcome David back for his third year here in Ghent. He is a recognized creative force, entrepreneur and author on building brands with purpose and ideas. David and his wife, Clare, are co-founders of Hiut Denim and The DO Lectures.

We think these one-day workshops are unique and will be super useful whether you are a startup and want to build a business from nothing or a company that has been going for a while but wants to breathe new life into engaging with your customers. Or perhaps you’re just looking to get away from it all and spend a day making new contacts, sharing great ideas and enjoying delicious food prepared right here in our farm kitchen.

The workshops will take place around the Little Ghent farmhouse table on May 18th and 19th. Tickets cost $350 plus booking fee. This includes the full day workshop, a farm lunch plus refreshments and snacks throughout the day.

How To Build a Great Brand With Very Little Money (May 18th)

There has never been a better time to start a brand. There has never been a cheaper time, either. But when everyone has the same free tools as you, how do you stand out? The answer is simple enough:  By learning how to use those tools with greater skill than anyone else. This workshop will provide some key insights and examples.

How do you beat Goliath?  It won’t be by out-spending them. But it will be by out-thinking them. It will also come from understanding what you are going to change. Understanding your purpose is one thing, how to make that mean as much to your customer as it does to you is another important insight worth knowing. The workshop will take you through this. Hear more about how to build and tell your story, create a steady flow of ideas and take advantage of all the opportunities you have as small business.

More information and booking details HERE

How A Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business (May 19th)

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple newsletter. It is one of the best ways to grow a business, build the community and culture of your brand. Like a tree needs roots, a brand needs to build its roots too. A great newsletter can do that. And yet most people ignore it, dismiss it, or if they use it, use it poorly. This tool, in the right hands, is as powerful as they come.

Newsletters have become so essential to David and Clare that they made a decision to become good at them. There were no great books out there to read up on. So everything was learnt from doing. They asked questions: “Why did that work?”  “Why did that fail?” “What happens when we do this?” The more they tested, the more they learnt. And they wrote it all down. A simple methodology that works.

David has now turned that methodology into a one-day Workshop which will give you the essential key elements of making a newsletter that will grow your business.This course is full of practical tips and tricks and is the result of constant testing for over a decade.

More information and booking details HERE


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