Continuing with our series about the people who, through their involvement, are a part of the Little Ghent Farm Community. How would you describe your art, how long you been doing this and how did you get started ?     Currently, using salvaged and reclaimed materials as my canvas, I create contemporary American folk-art portraiture. I work on old wood and old metal using stencils and aerosol p[...]
Stuart Farmery, a friend and local sculptor, works mainly with wood. Big pieces of wood to be specific. As we have a selection of old trees available and on the ground at the farm we offered some to Stuart to continue his development of large-scale studies. He showed up one morning in November with his chainsaw and set forth carving the twisting, squared lengths from the fallen Cherry trees. "It’s[...]
Kyle popped into the farm store the other day to pick up a couple of sourdough loaves that had just come out of the oven. He arrived in his new straight axle Toyota SR5 which isn't 'new' at all - it's a 1984 model and better for it. Apparently, because of the axle, this is a well respected vehicle amongst four-wheeler, off roading enthusiasts. They haven't made them like this since 1985.   " I use[...]
David Hieatt is an old friend and a serial ideas man. With his wife, Clare, he founded hiut Denim and the DO Lectures which takes place every year in UK, USA and Australia. David and Clare have been described as some of the UK's most interesting creative entrepreneurs. They live on the "far edge of West Wales" in a small town called Cardigan where the hiut factory is reviving the once thriving jea[...]
We trudged over the deeply frozen ground at the farm, through the January gloom, skirting northwards around our long field and eventually finding a place to take a turn up the wooded hill. David carried the canvas, rolled up like a carpet, over his shoulder scanning the surrounds for possible spots to lay it down; nowhere in particular, just somewhere where it could be fed and fertilized by the el[...]
It’s -9f (-22c) where we’re standing. Daylight has only just surfaced. Bumble hasn’t even had her breakfast yet. Donny (L) and Travis are already hard at work. When the cold weather hit us the outside of the farmhouse was in the final stages of construction. There was siding and a sheet of steel (the backdrop to a fireplace) to install and these guys weren’t going to let the weather stop them. [...]
It's easy to forget. Sometimes the pace of things and the rush of technology around us silence the magic. We loved having the Turnquist family visit Little Ghent Farm recently from nearby Hudson. It was a great reminder of the simple magic all around us and the privilege of country life. For brothers; Peyton and Finlay, it was a field trip, a part of their school program. It was a chilly day but t[...]
  Pigs the back story - Last year we had three pigs.This year we had eight. Last year they were Berkshires. This year they were Tamworths. We loved the pigs, so curious, funny, and with personalities all of their own. At the end of the day...well six months actually...they are on the farm for a reason; they are completely and utterly delicious. It's easy to forget this when you feed, nu[...]
A delivery truck pulled into the farm. The driver leaned out of the window and shouted across to me that he was looking for Rob Warrington. "That's easy", I replied, "he's the one in the shorts". It's mid November. Every minute or so south facing formations of geese pass overhead, the days are short and the wind is chilly at best. Rob is still wearing his shorts. He's been the day-to-day foreman f[...]
"It's turned out real nice, it's going to stand the test of time" says Eric Kerr standing back, hand on hip and head tilted, to review progress on the winter chicken coop he has painstakingly constructed from scratch for us here at Little Ghent Farm. It's a typically understated assessment from our softly spoken friend and neighbor who is originally from Michigan. We have collaborated with Eric on[...]