David Eustace


We trudged over the deeply frozen ground at the farm, through the January gloom, skirting northwards around our long field and eventually finding a place to take a turn up the wooded hill. David carried the canvas, rolled up like a carpet, over his shoulder scanning the surrounds for possible spots to lay it down; nowhere in particular, just somewhere where it could be fed and fertilized by the elements. This is how the emerging themes and ideas will take root over the coming weeks and months. Sensing we are nearing the moment, I fall back twenty feet and let David find his own path which leads him to a small clearing covered by a crispy carpet of old oak leaves. The canvas is set down and reverently unfurled. Careful notes and coordinates are recorded in one corner.

David Eustace is a local artist from Hudson. He is also a ‘gardener’, perhaps even a magician. He uses the landscape and its interventions to cultivate unique impressions on his canvas which at a later date might be added to (with paint or other materials) in a studio setting. To help things along with his Little Ghent Farm project David grabbed some pieces of our old barn wood, arranged them loosely on the canvas and added some metal salts which will combine to create an ‘ink’ of sorts and form an indelible impression. His involvement at this point is simply removing or moving objects on the canvas and waiting…..

Let’s see what happens. Right now the canvas is buried under eighteen inches of snow. The weight and time left alone should help.

“At the best of times” says David “the work really unfolds of its own accord. The joy of making this kind of work comes from a sort of serendipity. It is about the time and space it was created in. For me spirit is everything and this work will be strong being of/on the land itself. It has been touched by what it represents. I’m growing the piece without knowing what kind of fruit it will bear; at some point, when it becomes clear what that ‘fruit’ is, I’ll switch back from gardener to artist”.  We’re looking to updating on the canvas’ progress when that happens.




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