A Piece of The Past and The Future


The first time we entered the old house at the farm this scene greeted us. We estimate this wallpaper dates back at least 40 years. In the days leading up to the necessary demolition of the house we carefully removed a section of the wallpaper from a shadowy corner to save as an important legacy. The house eventually fell to the ground, putting up little protest, the dust billowing and then disappearing into nothing. This wallpaper survived and we keep it as a reminder of what went on here from the time the property was settled and the vision of those that chose and installed it for decoration. Alas somewhere along the line of time the vision was lost.

Wallpaper such as this is, by design, impermanent. It is fragile, relatively easy to damage and repair. Thousands of rolls of this very design must have been sold across America in the past. Wallpaper generally lives in the backgrounds of our lives with only the most ornate and expensive forms being celebrated however this piece of Americana we have reclaimed now has some limelight.

The more you look at it the less dated it becomes, carrying in its drawings much relevance for today’s renewed interest in preserving and maintaining small working farms such as Little Ghent Farm. It reminds us of the past and perhaps the future possibilities.

Such a vital and long lasting message carried by such an everyday medium.


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