Cara Turett. Farm Artist


Cara Turett is the talent behind the drawings and icons on our website. It all started a while back with the logo and then our egg packaging. There’s some magic that just happens when a designer understands what the brand is about and how everything works together. It’s a shared vision and we’re happy she is a part of building what Made in Ghent is becoming.

“It matters to me what I am doing design work for, says Cara, it’s a way to contribute and participate. I use the skills I have to give things of use to organizations, things that speak to the essence of each project.”

Cara lives locally in Hudson and spends time with us on the farm. So in addition to our own thoughts, the images she creates represent her real experiences and ideas about what’s happening here. Fortunately for us Cara’s previous explorations have included the combination of art and environmental studies and, more recently, landscape architecture.

Being so close to our own project it’s vital to have friends and experts like Cara around who are willing to voice the counter-view. “I like to make connections between things that are usually separate” she says.

As a consequence of this Cara has a unique way of looking at the world and expressing what she sees though her art, illustration or graphic design. Each time we meet, whether it’s at Little Ghent Farm, in her home studio or at the coffee shop Cara brings new ideas with her and , doing our part, we encourage the experimentation.


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