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This has been two and a half years in the making. Or perhaps twenty.

Little Ghent Farm is emerging fast now from what seems to have been a long process of searching, planning and building. While there are some great new ventures in this part of the world, in general there are not too many small, new farms starting in this country. In fact quite the opposite. There is a seemingly terminal decline of small farms according to the statistics. It’s exciting and wild at the same time to be ‘zigging’ when most of the rest of the world is ‘zagging’.

We’ve had fantastic support from friends, family, neighbors and the food community here in the North East. We’ve never really felt alone in making this happen. Soon, with our daughters Martha and Meg we will move permanently to our new home at Little Ghent Farm, less than a mile away from where we live now. We’re happy to be staying in the heart of this area of Ghent. In the meantime things are happening everyday, animals are being raised and delicious food is being produced. That’s our mission.

We hope you enjoy this site and we’re really looking forward to your thoughts and ideas. You can use the box below for that, email us or simply call.Better still come and see us at the farm – we’d love to show you around. You can follow us on Instagram  @MadeInGhent  , Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for daily updates….. most of the time.

Here’s where we were two years ago. It’s the same view as the photograph at the top of this post. We love change. It works.





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