WORKSHOP: Do Breakthrough. The Life Changing Magic Of Sorting Your Sh*t Out ~ 2-days


David Hieatt returns to the farm for an entirely new workshop experience.

Do Breakthrough will take place this June in the inspiring setting here at Little Ghent Farm. The two-day workshop will be led by David Hieatt, co-founder of the DO Lectures held each year in Wales, UK and jeans maker Hiut Denim.

David and his wife Clare started the Do Lectures because they were curious to find out why some people reach their potential, and others do not. 

They have listened to ten years of Do Lectures (most of which you can view free online here) involving hundreds of speakers, and applied what they have learnt to their own lives and businesses. The lectures showed them that there were techniques, methodologies, and ways of thinking that can make a genuine difference. And yes, help others make that breakthrough.

The workshop was beta tested in 2017. David and Clare have focused on the experience being useful, practical and deliver results for attendees.

Of course, it will take time to know that for sure. But the emails and support they received were compelling and have been since.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and for everyone there for making us feel so welcome and valued. I can honestly say that the Breakthrough days have changed my life. I returned to my world having shed long held emotional luggage and, just as important, carrying a trunk load of practical and achievable tips on what to do next.”

Join David and the farm team on June 13th and 14th for two magical, inspiring and potentially life-changing days.

Who Is This For?

You could be running your own business and understand for it to grow, you will have to grow first.
You could have a great career but have a yearning to do something else.
You could have raised some wonderful children and be thinking what is next.
You could be repeating the same mistakes and just need some tools to help you.
You just want to learn how to get better at being you.
You have said ‘one day’ too many times.

You want to say goodbye to your old self. 


More Information on what you will learn on our website here


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