Sam Comfort is a beekeeper like no other. "I was born in a bee hive" he says. Under the banner of Anarchy Apiaries he works predominately across three geographically disparate states in America: Florida, Hawaii and New York. The huge variation in climate as well as the flowering trees and plants this represents provides Sam with vast experience of his craft as well as being able to work year-ro[...]
Smokey Bear, the American advertising icon created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires, turned 70 in August. Richard and our friend Ashley Gilbertson were commissioned by The Ad Council to make a series of photographs for their client US Forest Service as part of the birthday activities which appeared on millions of Instagram screens. The objective was to show teenagers that th[...]
Cara Turett is the talent behind the drawings and icons on our website. It all started a while back with the logo and then our egg packaging. There’s some magic that just happens when a designer understands what the brand is about and how everything works together. It’s a shared vision and we’re happy she is a part of building what Made in Ghent is becoming. “It matters to me what I am doing de[...]
The first time we entered the old house at the farm this scene greeted us. We estimate this wallpaper dates back at least 40 years. In the days leading up to the necessary demolition of the house we carefully removed a section of the wallpaper from a shadowy corner to save as an important legacy. The house eventually fell to the ground, putting up little protest, the dust billowing and then disapp[...]